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Can we avoid epidemic diseases by drinking Huangjiu in a proper amount? (1)


The method of avoiding epidemic diseases by drinking Huangjiu in a proper amount has been recorded in the history materials of China and foreign countries for many times. Huangjiu has a history of more than 9,000 years in China. It can be said that wine plays an important role in avoiding epidemic diseases. Firstly, the medicinal wine can cure diseases. In addition, drinking wine can strengthen the body.

Han History-- Records of Foods and Goods said, "Wine is the first artificial drug." In the early stage of medical development, therapies were simple. And wine played a special role in the medical activities. In addition, spirits had not been invented at that time. Therefore, Huangjiu was used as the drug.

Mr. Qian Maozhu, an expert in Shaoxing Wine culture research, introduced that a more specific explanation for the medicinal use of wine was made in Sheng Nong`s Herbal Classic, [Wine is warm in nature. And doctors often use wine as the guiding herb." It means that in ancient and modern Chinese medicine, it is very common to use Huangjiu as the guiding herb or make medicine wine with Huangjiu to cure diseases.

Thousands of Precious Prescriptions, which was written by Sun Simiao of Tang Dynasty, said, "People drink Tu Su wine according to the age and young people drink first. As long as one person drinks wine, all family members won't get sick. And as long as one family drinks wine, all families within 500 meters won't get sick." Because spirits had not been introduced in Yuan Dynasty, Huangjiu was used as the drug in Tang Dynasty.

Zhang Dongming winery, which was founded during the Qianlong era of Qing Dynasty, was a famous winery in the Ruandu Village, Shaoxing City. The products of the winery were sold well in Beijing, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Singapore and other places around the world. In addition, the famous Tongrentang drugstore in Beijing specially ordered wine from the winery. And the winery brewed a special kind of wine called "Shi Ba Liu Tong" for the drugstore, and guaranteed that the wine would be stored for more than three years before being transported to Beijing. The high-quality wine was really mellow and fragrant. And the drugstore made a variety of medicinal wine by using Shaoxing Jiu and authentic medicines as raw materials, and improved the effect of medicines by using Shaoxing Jiu as the auxiliary material, which made the drugstore famous.

According to the experts of the Zhenyuantang drugstore in Shaoxing City, drinking specific medicinal wine can avoid epidemic diseases. Shaoxing Jiu not only can be used as the raw material to make a variety of high-quality medicinal wine, but also has a direct medical effect. Compendium of Materia Medica recorded 69 kinds of medicinal wine which can cure diseases. And these 69 kinds of medicinal wine, which can be said to be the earliest compounded wine in China, are all made of Huangjiu.

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