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How do I love you, Huangjiu?


What is love? Love is what enhances and enriches my life. And love is what leads to heights and depths! --Kafka

Mr. H, a native of Shaoxing, is a good friend of mine, and a Huangjiu lover. Although we seldom meet each other, we often talk about Huangjiu in the Wechat group. One day in early summer, he asked people working in the Huangjiu industry in the Wechat group, "Please give me a reason why we should drink Huangjiu."

His question aroused my thinking. Just a few days ago, I held two wine tastings, namely, [Bushangtou Huangjiu Tasting" and [Guoniang 1959 Tasting", in a painted pleasure boat on the Shaoxing Ring River and a star hotel in Yuyao respectively. These wine tastings were aimed to let the guests enjoy the pleasure of "drinking in a boat" and the delicious taste of "Huangjiu with yellow croakers". Therefore, I replied without hesitation, "The reason for drinking Huangjiu is enjoying".

However, this reason couldn`t convince him or other people to drink Huangjiu. And he said, "This reason is useless to strangers! How to guide a person who has never drunk Huangjiu to drink Huangjiu? "

This question reminded me of many Huangjiu lovers I met at home and abroad. And the guests from Japan and Taiwan, China impressed me a lot. Last year, I went to Japan and Taiwan, China with the economic and trade group of Shaoxing. When the guests enjoyed Huangjiu, their faces were filled with great joy. They smelled and tasted Huangjiu in the wine cup over and over again. And they said, "Huangjiu is so fragrant, and it's so delicious." Both the old and the young were fond of Shaoxing Huangjiu.

The visit to Taiwan, China impressed me a lot. When we visited Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China, we met a tour guide who worked on a cruise ship. After she heard that we were tourists from Shaoxing, she asked us with a smile, "Did you drink Shaoxing tonight?" At first, we didn't understand the meaning of "drinking Shaoxing". Later, she explained, "Shaoxing is the name of your local wine." In Taiwan, China, the meaning of drinking Shaoxing is drinking Shaoxing Jiu. Similarly, the meaning of drinking Maotai is drinking Maotai Jiu. In their opinions, Shaoxing Jiu is a synonym for Shaoxing.

Junichi Sakomoto, a producer of Shochiku Company, also impressed me a lot. Guided by He Junjie, the director of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio and Television, he visited China Shaoxing Yellow Rice Wine Group last year. In the forum, he said that before he came to Shaoxing, he regarded Shaoxing as a name of wine, instead a name of city. After visiting the China Huangjiu Museum and Jianhu distillery, the project team decided to make a film about Shaoxing Jiu. Shaoxing Jiu had a deep influence on the Japanese people. And he thought that the film would be popular in Japan.

They are Huangjiu lovers in Japan and Taiwan, China. And when I worked in China Shaoxing Yellow Rice wine Group, I also met a lot of Huangjiu lovers. For example, Mr. Yang Yi, the founder of Chongqing Jingdian bookstore, is a representative Huangjiu lover. He got used to drink wine and foreign wine, but his stomach was in bad condition. Therefore, he began to drink Huangjiu and fell in love with it. Every year, he would buy a lot of high-quality Huangjiu from our company, and recommend them to his friends through speeches. He said that Huangjiu and Chinese zither are the forgotten national essence. Huangjiu is the best wine in the world, the most suitable wine for the Oriental people and the most suitable wine for Chinese food.

Ms. Wang Yan, the chairman of Okamoto China, has been in love with Huangjiu since she visited China Shaoxing Yellow Rice Wine Group on May 9th last year. She said that one of her missions was to introduce Huangjiu to more young people and make them be fond of Huangjiu. Last year, she went to Shaoxing seven or eight times. Under her leadership, we developed a new Huangjiu product named "Jinriyi" which was popular among young people. In addition, we successfully launched the product through a new marketing model. She believes that Huangjiu has a large market and it will be loved by young people.

By communicating with many Huangjiu lovers, I summarized the characteristics of Shaoxing Huangjiu. It is the wine with rich oriental features. It is the cultural wine, the wine of literati, the wine of Confucian businessmen, and the wine of elegant gentlemen, flowing in the blood of Chinese people. It is low-key and gentle, with the fragrance of orchids in deep valleys. And it contains various tastes of life. During the period of the Republic of China, the teachers of Chunhui Middle School organized the "Baimahu Lake Wine Party". And they made friends, expressed their feelings and promoted literary creations by drinking wine. In our wine tastings, we advocate that all guests should be in the state of slight drunkenness, be carefree and be polite. We advocate combining traditional culture and modern elements. And we advocate enjoying Huangjiu with music, food and friends.

At last, I think of the words of Mr. Xie Guoming, the former deputy editor of the People's Daily. During the press conference of the Huangjiu Festival held in Beijing the year before last, he said, [Although the spirits is good, we are unable to drink too much with the growth of age. Although the wine is good, it's hard to distinguish between the good and the bad. Therefore, we don`t dare to drink wine sometimes. At present, we`d better to drink Shaoxing Jiu from my hometown. It is healthy, with low alcohol content. Drinking a little every day and enjoying life.

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