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How many Shaoxing Huangjiu brands are there? (1)


I have worked in Shaoxing Yellow Rice Wine Group for more than two years. Some friends often asked me, [How many Huangjiu brands are there in Shaoxing? Which is better, Gu Yue Long Shan or Kuai Ji Shan?" These questions have been answered many times, and it is necessary to write a short article.

Talking about how many brands Shaoxing Huangjiu has, let's start from the current situation of Shaoxing Huangjiu. Here, we need to distinguish one concept. What`s the difference between Shaoxing Huangjiu and Huangjiu made in Shaoxing? At present, there are nearly 100 Shaoxing Huangjiu enterprises, but only 14 of them are listed in the catalog of protection of place of origin. The reason is that the state has strict, standard and standardized procedures for the identification of products of origin. According to relevant regulations, to obtain the right to use the "special mark of origin" of Shaoxing wine, the following three conditions must be met:

Firstly, the region of the enterprise must be within the specific region of Shaoxing Jianhu Lake water system. Secondly, the enterprise must use high-quality glutinous rice, wheat and Jianhu Lake water as raw materials for brewing, and the wine must be fermented and brewed by unique technology. The product quality must meet the mandatory national standard of Shaoxing Wine (GB 17946-2000). The quality files of Shaoxing wine of the enterprise are complete. In the past three years, there is no quality accident and no record of unqualified samples from quality inspection departments at all levels. Thirdly, the enterprise must have a rich humanistic history.

Business Type:Manufacturer
Product Range:Alcohol & Hydroxybenzene & Ether
Products/Service:Shaoxing Wine , Fruit Wine , Huadiao Wine , Huangjiu , Rice Wine , Aged Wine
Certificate:HACCP , ISO14001 , ISO9001 , Test Report
Company Address:Beihai Bridge Shaoxiang Zhejiang China, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China

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