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How the 'Daughter's Red' Got Its Name


It was a convention in Shaoxing that every family made some wine for themselves in winter. In so doing, not only was money saved, but also some fine and delicious wine could be made.

Long long ago, there lived a well-off squire surnamed Gao outside Chang an Gaten Shaoxing. Pitifully, he had no son to inherit his wealth. Being anxious, he and his wife often paid visits to temples, praying to deities, or called on doctors to ask for their advice. It was not until middle age that his wife finally conceived a baby. Overjoyed, the squire wanted to do something to mark this joyous occasion. But how? He called the family together to hear others opinions, which turned out to vary. At this point, his private accountant offered his advice, saying, 'I suggest that we make some good wine and keep it for future use. If it is a boy, the wine will be drunk on the day he made it be drunk on her wedding day and called the [daughter's wine". What do you think?' To this advice every one instantly agreed. Then the squire hurried his family servants to brew some Shaoxing Jiafan wine, filled and sealed it in 18 jars, and stored it in a shady, well-ventilated warehouse.

Ten month later, the wife gave birth to a daughter. And Gao was very happy. Time elapsed very quickly and 18 years flitted by, the daughter grew into a slim and graceful beauty. Thanks to matchmakers work, the girl found her Mr. Right. On the wedding day, the father told his servants to move the wine made 18 years ago out of the warehouse and used it to treat the guests. When a toast was proposed at the banquet, a scholar related to the family, half intoxicated, was suddenly inspired by the red-clad remark was welcomed by a chorus of cheers. Since then, 'the daughter's red', as an other name of the wine, began to spread. Now it has spread overseas. In Jin Yong's kungfu novels, the `daughter's red` appear many times, which added to its reputation. Now, it has become a very famous brand of Shaoxing yellow Rice Wine.

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