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Huangjiu feast


Yesterday, when the first Huangjiu feast in China was posted on our WeChat Official Account, it caused a stir in my Moments and many friends leaved comments about the Huangjiu feast. My friends in shaoxing, other provinces and the United States are all interested in the Huangjiu feast. What should be served in the Huangjiu feast? What rituals need to be added?

Mr. Yan, who works in Guangzhou, also wrote a comment: Wine-saturated chickens and ducks can be served in the Huangjiu feast. And these food can be cooked as Cantonese cuisines. When the sizzling chicken wings, pheasants and oysters are served, Huangjiu are sprinkled on foods. In the turn of a hand, the aroma of Huangjiu is released and the sizzling sound is louder. Then, these cuisines are good in color, flavor, sound and taste! I feel the element of entertainment.

Mr. Yan is also a seasoned person and there are so many gastronomes in Guangdong. Thus, the cooking skills of cooks have been improved as the demand for delicious foods rises. Cantonese cuisines are not only delicious, but also own a sense of ritual. I remember that when I ate hairy crabs in Guangzhou last year, the dish is served with Huangjiu and a wine warmer. In addition, there were so many steps while eating hairy crabs: The waiter first peeled the crabs, removed the impurities, and then served them up for you to enjoy. What`s more, we should wear plastic gloves while eating crabs and wash hands after eating. Only after enjoying Cantonese cuisines, did I know there are so many steps at meals.

Zhejiang people may not have so many steps at meals, but they still have a lot of say in the familiar but fresh Huangjiu feast. A newspaper employee gave the advice: The dressing of the plate can be better because the appearance of the dish is very important. And a friend who works in the government agency asked, [why are the sweet fermented glutinous rice and dumplings not served?"

However, some friends are indifferent to dish names of the Huangjiu feast and they said that Huangjiu is supposed to be added into many meat dishes. The dish name which is titled with Yuanhong, Shanniang, Huadiao or other wine names is nothing more than a gimmick. In their opinions, this is not the right way to promote Shaoxing Huangjiu culture and enlarge the market scopes of Shaoxing Huangjiu. Promoting the Huangjiu feast is the same as promoting Huangjiu ice cream.

But immediately, the post-90s expressed their oppositions. A child argued that such a [gimmick" is necessary. They are not fond of Huangjiu, but they like to eat Huangjiu ice cream and milk tea, and hope the company develop more similar foods in the Huangjiu feast.

In response, the person in charge of the Gu Yue Long Shan restaurant said that the Huangjiu feast would be ceremoniously launched in the Gu Yue Long Shan restaurant during the Spring Festival and would be widely promoted in other restaurant after being improved.

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