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Is the success of Huangjiu in China mainly credited to Shaoxing private advisers? (1)


Shaoxing Huangjiu has a long history and was popular in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. After the Qin, Han, Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasties, Shaoxing Huangjiu gradually developed into one of the traditional pillar industries of Shaoxing. Especially in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, wine-making industry of Shaoxing reached a new peak. And some famous brewing workshops appeared one after another. Therefore, Shaoxing became the production capital of Huangjiu at that time. Although Shaoxing Huangjiu is popular in the world because of its high quality, we should find other forces to promote Huangjiu. This is closely related to Shaoxing private advisers who are experts in legal briefs. They are the heroes of promoting Shaoxing Huangjiu to the world.

Shaoxing is a city with strong humanistic atmosphere. Every year Shaoxing people could achieve good results in the imperial examination. However, it also caused a problem. The competition among scholars in Shaoxing was more fierce! Because there were only a few people who get official titles every year. What about the rest? Many people who didn't get official titles had to find a new way, such as working as an assistant or doing business.

Shaoxing private advisers were unofficial assistants employed by the chief official of the local government office to help him deal with affairs, such as judging cases and managing money and writs. They assisted the chief official with their own expertise in laws, finance, writs and other aspects.

Business Type:Manufacturer
Product Range:Alcohol & Hydroxybenzene & Ether
Products/Service:Shaoxing Wine , Fruit Wine , Huadiao Wine , Huangjiu , Rice Wine , Aged Wine
Certificate:HACCP , ISO14001 , ISO9001 , Test Report
Company Address:Beihai Bridge Shaoxiang Zhejiang China, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China

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