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Magnificent Wine-opening Ceremony


Whenever receiving some distinguished guests, or opening a business, or celebrating an important event, the Japanese will hold various banquets, in order to create a warm atmosphere, foster emotional exchanges and promote friendship. On such occasions,wine is a necessity. In most cases, the local yellow Rice Wine is used, while sometimes foreign wine also appears on the table. Shaoxing yellow Rice wine is an imported product, and it is very difficult to enter such occasions. However, the Japanese distributors racked their minds to find a solution, and finally pushed Shaoxing Yellow Rice Wine into this particular market- -the banquets.

Once, I was invited to attend a banquet. There were more than 200 guests, all dressed in suits, polite to each other and exchanging bows. Then the host announced the beginning of the occasion. With the melodious and pleasant music turned on, two men dressed in the Japanese national costumes walked slowly into the hall carrying a jar of Gu Yue Long Shan Shaoxing yellow rice wine, ushered by two young women wearing kimonos. This jar of wine weighed over 20 kilos. It was sealed with plaster, and its surface was covered by a network of bamboo skin and bamboo shells. The whole jar looked beautiful, white, simple and plain, carrying a strong Chinese flavor. The wine jar was placed in the center of the banquet hall, on a piece of square white cloth. When the music came to a stop, the hall was quiet. All eyes directed their rays on the jar of wine. As a guest and the manufacturer of the wine, I was the one to open the wine. I respectfully took over the wooden hammer and iron plate from the hand of the host, leaned over, and carefully knocked the plaster head. When the plaster head was completely detached, and cleared up, I gently removed the lotus leaf wrapped with the shells of bamboo shoots. Throughout the process, everyone held his or her breath without distraction. Silence dominated the hall. In everyone's expectation, a gust of strong fragrance blew against our faces, which, all of a sudden, roused people's exclamation. When I ladled the ember-colored liquid with the traditional Shaoxing-style wine spoon and slowly poured it down, the fragrance of the wine gradually filled the entire hall. The atmosphere of the hall then became active again. Everyone was excited.Girls in a Kimono shuttled in the crowd, busy with filling the cups of the guests.Together, we enjoyed the wine. This amber-colored liquid flowed through the tongue tips and throats into people's hearts. Down with it was the Shaoxing yellow rice wine culture that had been immersed and condensed in history. The process was composed of operation, expectation, and sensation. It was solemn and sacred, grasping the hearts of all the audience. Out of desire or impulse, your thirst for it would not be quenched if you did not taste it. However, once you taste it, it would be unforgettable for the rest of your life. After the banquet, I would burst out from time to time the description of that scene to my family and my friends, and kindled their desire to experience it personally. That coincided with the marketing strategy: grasping the consumers' mental resources.

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