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The Japanese and Shaoxing yellow rice wine


The national wine of Japan is Japanese Rice Wine, while that of China is yello wrice wine. They are of the same origin. In 1994, at the International Wine Culture Academic Symposium held in Hangzhou, the Japanese expert Shiro Hanai published a paper entitled Japanese Rice wine's Origin in the South of the Yangtze". In the paper,he made adequate and detailed comparison between Japanese rice wine and Shaoxing Yellow Rice Wine. With statistic analysis assisted by illustrations, graphs and gas phase chromatography, comparison and analysis of technology, raw materials and seeding yeast, he demonstrate his argument that Japanese rice wine originated from the South of the Yangtze, mainly from Shaoxing. His statement is scientific and convincing.

Therefore, the Japanese who like their own yellow rice wine will not repel Shaoxing yellow rice wine. Instead, their love for the latter is natural. Chinese restaurants can be found everywhere in Japan, which makes it possible for the Japanese who enjoy Chinese food and Shaoxing yellow rice wine to turn their natural love into reality. In particular, during the twenty years of reform and opening up of China, the Shaoxing yellow rice wine industry has gone abroad to Japan to advertise and market this quintessence of Chinese culture. Such enterprises as Gu Yu Long Shan and Nverhong have been spreading and promoting their own images through Japanese media.

In conclusion, I think the above three aspects can serve as the reasons to explain why the Japanese love Shaoxing yellow rice wine. This love is sincere. As long as we can carry on the good traditions, guarantee the product quality, enhance technical innovation and strengthen publicity, Shaoxing yellow rice wine will become more popular among Japanese people.

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