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The yellowness Conducive to Health Preservation


Yellow Rice Wine is essential an alcoholic beverage. Traditional Chinese medicine has long studied the relations between the colors of foods and health preservation. The five colors of foods are associated with the five major internal organs: red with the heart, green with the liver, yellow with the spleen, white with the lungs, and black with the kidneys. 'Yellow' foods are the fairly common in our daily life, of which the most common include soybeans, yellow rice, corn etc. Nutritious and cheap, they play an important role in people's life. In the current time when beverages and foods are becoming increasingly refined, those 'yellow' coarse grains have been especially valued and favored. There are also many yellow' aquatic foods, such as fish roe, scallops, crab roe, eels, yellow croakers, yellow sea cucumbers etc., which are all popular food materials among people because of their rich contents in protein and microelements. Modern nutritional studies have revealed that yellow fruits or vegetables like carrots, soybeans, peanuts, and apricots are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D- while the former can protect the gastric and intestinal mucosa from diseases like gastritis and ulcers, the latter may enhance the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, thereby strengthening tendons and bones and having a preventive effect against common diseases like infantile rickets, juvenile myopia and osteoporosis in the middle- aged and elderly. Yellow foods, including corn, soybeans, oranges,and tangerines, are rich in Vitamin c and some trace elements and thus capable of strengthening the spleen, preventing gastritis and nyctalopia, and protecting the liver. Yellow ginger contains such volatile components like gingerol, zingiberene and zingiberol, which have the effect of strengthening myocardial contractility, stopping vomit, fighting ulcers, protecting the liver, benefiting the gall, preventing oxidation and adjusting the central nervous system. Besides, they can also check the synthesis of cancerigenic nitrosamine. Therefore, it can be safely said that yellow' foods have considerable effects in health care. As one of the yellow' beverages, Chinese yellow Rice wine has outstanding medical and health-preserving functions: being mild in nature, it is a natural guiding drug and its combination of hardness' and 'softness' is in line with the balance between Yin and Yang valued by Chinese medicine. Being rich in amino acids and many digestible nutritious materials, it can stimulate the appetite, regulate the circulation, and help preserve beauty.

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