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what is the health care value of Huangjiu?


A few days ago, a friend from Sichuan said that although Sichuan is a famous spirits producing area, he found that there were also some friends who were drinking Huangjiu with the low alcohol content. They said that Huangjiu has the health care value and they felt well after drinking Huangjiu. What is the health care value of Huangjiu?

In this regard, I consulted Guo Hangyuan, the president of Shaoxing People's Hospital. He is a famous expert on the cardia-cerebrovascular disease in China. As early as 2007, he published a book named Huangjiu and Health Care. And the health care value of Huangjiu was introduced in detail in the book. There are a lot of nutritional components in Huangjiu:

1. Rich proteins: There are 16 grams of proteins in Shaoxing Huangjiu per liter, 4 times that of beer. Most of the proteins, which are in the form of titanium and amino acids after enzymatic degradation, are easily absorbed and utilized by human body.

2. Rich amino acids: Huangjiu contains 21 kinds of amino acids, including 8 kinds of amino acids which are necessary but cannot be synthesized by human body. Each liter of Jiafan Jiu contains 3400 mg of essential amino acids and 2960 mg of semi-essential amino acids. And each liter of beer or wine contains only 440 mg of essential amino acids or less.

3. Rich inorganic salts: There are 18 kinds of inorganic salts which are necessary for human body in Huangjiu, including major elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and trace elements such as iron, copper, zinc and selenium. These inorganic salts in Huangjiu are in the form of biological active substances which are easily absorbed by human body. In addition, they can supply the trace elements lacking in human body, adjust the physiological function of human body and promote metabolism.

4. Rich oligosaccharides: Each liter of Jiafan Jiu contains 6 grams of detected isomaltose, panose and isomaltotriose. Isomaltose, with a significant proliferation function of bifidobacterium, can improve the micro ecological environment of the intestinal tract, promote the synthesis of B vitamins and the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals, promote metabolism, and improve immunity and disease resistance of human body.

5. Rich physiological active ingredients: Huangjiu contains polyphenols, melanoidins, glutathione and other physiological active ingredients. They have a variety of physiological functions such as clearing free radicals, preventing and curing cardiovascular diseases and cancers, anti-aging and so on. Polyphenols have a strong ability to clear free radicals, melanoidins have a strong anti-mutation activity, and glutathione can combine with toxic substances in the liver to detoxify.

Therefore, Huangjiu has the functions of promoting blood circulation, dispelling cold, nourishing the face, preventing aging, protecting the heart, promoting metabolism, calming, relieving pain, nourishing the spleen and the liver and so on. Because the alcohol content of Huangjiu is moderate, people use Huangjiu, an ideal ingredient added to enhance the efficiency of a dose of medicine, as the wine base to make the wine for health preservation and medical treatment. It has a remarkable effect on the recovery of maternal body. Drinking Huangjiu frequently can work up the appetite, make people enjoy a very sound sleep and give people a rosy complexion.

It should be noted that although the alcohol content of Huangjiu is low, you cannot drink too much at one time. 100 to 200 grams of Huangjiu per meal is proper. However, we should also pay attention to the alcohol content. For example, the daily consumption of Huangjiu with the alcohol content of 15 degrees should not exceed 8 liang (1 liang = 50 grams) and the daily consumption of Huangjiu with the alcohol content of 17 degrees should not exceed 6 liang.

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