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What is the suitable wine cup for Huangjiu? (1)


Huangjiu has a long history in China. In the Chinese civilization, the development of wine utensils is almost simultaneous with the development of wine. And the wine cup is the carrier of the essence of wine culture. The wine cup is to wine what dishes are to delicacies. Zu Qianqiu in the Legendary Swordsman once said that it was a waste of wine to enjoy it without good wine utensils. It can be seen that suitable wine utensils will make drinking more interesting.

What is the suitable wine cup for Huangjiu? Zu Qianqiu in the Legendary Swordsman had already given the answer. He said that the ancient porcelain cup was suitable for enjoying Shaoxing Zhuang Yuan Hong Huangjiu. And the porcelain cup of the Northern Song Dynasty was better than that of the Southern Song Dynasty. However, the latter one was in decline. And the porcelain cup of the Yuan Dynasty was vulgar.

Huangjiu, especially Shaoxing Huangjiu with pure color and thick and mellow taste, is regarded as the "immortal wine" and "precious liquid" for health preservation and fitness. The combination of Shaoxing Huangjiu and the ancient porcelain cup of the Northern Song Dynasty is indeed the wisdom of the ancient working people. The fine wine cannot be separated from wine utensils. You will be elegant and healthy if you choose the suitable wine cup.

The suitable wine cup can determine the flow direction of wine and the emission intensity of wine fragrance. The taste buds become activate when the wine cup is pushed close to the lip. When the wine is guided to the appropriate taste sensing area, a variety of different tastes are produced. When the tongue touches wine, three kinds of information are given immediately, namely: temperature information, texture information and wine style information.

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