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What is the suitable wine cup for Huangjiu? (2)


At present, there are three kinds of wine cups developed by Gu Yue Long Shan, namely, the ceramic cup, the glass cup, and the tasting cup.

According to archaeological data, the earliest wine cup in China was made of pottery. And the porcelain wine cup can reflect the characteristics and history of Chinese Huangjiu. The celadon hat cup with the big mouth and small bottom is like the straw hat. The cup is simple and elegant, presenting the beauty of complacency. The capacity of the cup is 70 ml, which is in line with the concept of healthy and slow drinking. The wall of the wine cup is moderate, delicate and smooth. And when your tongue touches the cup, you will feel the cup gentle and solid, which complements the quality of Huangjiu. As Jiang Shang fished in Weihe River, we can also hold a cup of wine to cherish everything in the world, and appreciate the wisdom in daily life.

In addition, the exquisite ceramic cup of Gu Yue Long Shan is the specialized wine cup for high-end Shaoxing Huangjiu.

The excellent Shaoxing Huangjiu is amber. However, we cannot fully appreciate the amber color of Shaoxing Huangjiu when it is in the ceramic cup. The glass cup can make up for this disadvantage. The glass cup has good transparency so that it is convenient for us to observe the color of Huangjiu under proper light. And the attractive amber color will stimulate more taste desire. The capacity of the glass cup is 35 ml, which is also in line with the concept of healthy drinking. In addition, the glass cup is suitable for various drinking environments.

What`s more, there is a kind of wine cup specially used for tasting, namely, the standard tasting cup. The colorless, transparent and plain advanced glass cup is like a tulip. And the capacity of the cup is 60 ml. The thickness of the cup wall is moderate, and the transparency of cup is good. Thus, it is convenient for reviewers to observe Huangjiu so that they can fully feel the charm of Huangjiu and judge the four indicators (color, smell, taste and character) of Huangjiu easily.

Li Bai once wrote, [The jade bowl is filled with amber light." Indeed, we can feel the poetry and friendship in our life and appreciate the artistic conception of [the jade bowl is filled with amber light" and [clear wine in golden goblets, ten thousand cash a cup" before Huangjiu enters the stomach and intestines if we enjoy it with wine utensils.

The suitable wine utensils can create dense cultural atmosphere so that people can enjoy the rich culture of Huangjiu and enjoy the pleasure of drinking.

I think that it can be regarded as the real rejuvenation of Chinese Huangjiu if people enjoy Huangjiu with the suitable wine cup.

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