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What`s the best drinking temperature of Huangjiu? (1)


Warming wine is not only good for health, but also the warmest scene of Chinese nation. But considering the comfort and pleasure of drinking, we should warm wine depending on particular situation. This article is aimed to talk about the best drinking temperature of Huangjiu from the comfort of drinking.

Because various Shaoxing Huangjiu has excellent quality and diversified styles, the Huangjiu mentioned in the following discussion refers to Shaoxing Huangjiu. According to different drinking situations, the best drinking temperature of Shaoxing Huangjiu can be divided into four ranges, namely 8-10 ℃, 16-18 ℃, 24-28 ℃ and 38-42 ℃. In addition, it can be heated to 60-65 ℃ in very few special cases.

Shaoxing Huangjiu can be divided into four types according to the sugar content: dry type, semi-dry type, semi-sweet type and sweet type. This classification method of Huangjiu is the same as that of wine. The grains are saccharified by distiller's yeast and wine medicine to make them ferment, and the sugar content in wine is accurately controlled. Before the industrial revolution, this technology of China was far ahead of that of Europe. Due to the profound cultural heritage of Shaoxing, there are many famous scholars. However, I don't know where these four names come from. The dry type is called Yuanhong, the semi-dry type is called Jiafan, the semi-sweet type is called Shanniang, and the sweet type is called Xiangxue. Generally speaking, Yuanhong (dry type) and Xiangxue (sweet type) are suitable for drinking at low and normal temperature. Jiafan (semi-dry type) and Shanniang (semi-sweet type) are suitable for drinking at normal temperature and relatively high temperature (38 to 42 ℃).

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