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What`s the best drinking temperature of Huangjiu? (3)


The temperature of Huangjiu should be selected according to the food. The most basic principle is: the temperature of Huangjiu should be as close as possible to the temperature of food. Because the food is the leading role, and Huangjiu is the supporting role. As a big gourmet country, China has already studied out the best tasting temperature of food in thousands of years of practice. For example, Shaoxing's spiced pork should be enjoyed at low temperature. If you heat it to about 40 ℃, it won`t be fine, tender, plump and light. And if you lower the temperature of a dish of Sichuan's double cooked pork slices to about 20 ℃, flavors will be locked and the meat will be greasy. If the temperature difference between wine and food is obvious, it will destroy the beauty of food. Therefore, the task of wine is to highlight the advantages of food and overcome the disadvantages of food at a temperature close to the temperature of food.

For example, I iced Gu Yue Long Shan semi-dry wine to 8-10 ℃ in a banquet and we enjoyed it with low-temperature spiced pork. The collocation won the applause. For another example, braised meat is a classic food in China. The cooking methods are different all over the country, but the temperature required for eating is relatively high. Therefore, I heated a kind of mellow semi-dry wine to 38-42 ℃ and enjoyed it with the meat. And this collocation also won the applause. The above two are classic cases of choosing the right temperature of Huangjiu and enjoying the wine with delicious food so as to complement each other.

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