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What`s the best drinking temperature of Huangjiu? (4)


With the change of seasons, people's physical and psychological perception of the temperature of objects will also change, resulting in a different sense of experience. For example, drinking Huangjiu at 40 ℃ in winter will make you feel warm and beautiful. However, in summer, even in an air-conditioned room, you will feel that the temperature is too high. Therefore, the drinking temperature of Huangjiu should be adjusted with the change of seasons. The basic method is to raise the drinking temperature to a higher level in winter and lower it in summer. For example, in summer, we can ice some kinds of Huangjiu to 8-10 ℃ so that it can bring you a strong sense of pleasure. And in winter, you should heat them to 16-18 ℃. In the spring and autumn days, we can keep the normal drinking temperature.

The four ranges of temperature mentioned above are only suitable for normal conditions. But in some special cases, due to the special functions of Huangjiu, such as some curative effects (Huangjiu is a kind of special traditional Chinese medicine), the temperature should be adjusted according to people's physical conditions. For example, as for the common cold due to wind-cold, we should heat Huangjiu to more than 60 ℃ and drink the wine with ginger, which has a good therapeutic effect. For another example, postpartum women can drink heated Huangjiu with egg so as to enrich the blood and stimulate the production of breast milk.

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