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Why is Huangjiu a kind of national fermented wine? (1)


It's best to talk about Shaoxing Wine in the rainy season. In the rainy season, it is very suitable to get together to design and describe the bright future of Shaoxing Huangjiu.

At this moment, I think all of us here may be thinking about three common and complex questions. What is wine? What is Huangjiu? What is Gu Yue Long Shan? At the invitation of Chairman Sun Aibao, I am very happy to participate in this meaningful activity and share with you some superficial thoughts on these three questions.

What is wine? Wine is the eternal common language of mankind. Although there are different tribes, different nationalities, different countries, different languages, people can clearly understand each other by enjoying wine together.

Wine might be the most primitive social tool in the ignorant society where there were no words and even language expressions were very simple and difficult. With the development of economy, culture and people's livelihood, wine is still the most common way of social communication. Even in the modern society, with everything changing with each passing day, wine is still an ancient tradition that people can't get rid of.

The answer is to illustrate that under the new situation of the global epidemic spreading, under the new situation of forbidding officers from using alcohol for official reception in China, under the new situation of the share of Chinese Baijiu and red wine increasing in the liquor market, Huangjiu producers and suppliers should take new measures to change the situation and seek new development opportunities. In addition, I look forward to your belief that Huangjiu will win in the new situation.

Don't blame the depression of the Huangjiu market, just blame ourselves for being negative. Don't blame the less consumption of Huangjiu, just blame ourselves for being unreconstructed.

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