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Why is Huangjiu a kind of national fermented wine? (7)


It should be admitted that the current situation of Huangjiu is worrying. As a Shaoxing native, I am particularly worried about this. We might review the changes in the wine market in the past 70 years since the founding of new China, based on the information provided by Mr. Zhou Shuzhen's book. In the first thirty or forty years, Baijiu defeated Huangjiu. In the past thirty or forty years, red wine and Baijiu were neck and neck. Although Shaoxing Huangjiu enterprises have expanded their vertical ratio and sale, their proportion in the wine market is shrinking. Huangjiu was unparalleled in the world before the founding of new China. However, it is only popular in a corner of Jiangsu and Zhejiang now. Comrades of China Shaoxing Yellow Rice Wine Group, are you really willing?

Last time, I told Chairman Sun Aibao that Huangjiu should learn from the national anthem. [As the Chinese people have arrived at their most perilous time." And Shaoxing Huangjiu also has arrived at their most perilous time. We should also sing the Internationale and enter the world market at the same time. [This is the time and place to achieve the international ideal." How to achieve it? It starts with this design activity.

In my opinion, the essence of design is to guide the market consumption trend. It is well-known that the new trend of the market and society is often led by designers. The Communist Party calls Deng Xiaoping the chief designer of reform and opening-up, because he has started the great journey of China. We can see how important design is. Therefore, we should place great expectations on designers.

Here, I want to put forward three suggestions and three breakthroughs for this design activity. First, as for the mass market, we should make breakthroughs from young people. Second, as for the high-end market, we should make breakthroughs from vintage wine. Third, as for the emerging market, we should make breakthroughs from "Bushangtou" Huangjiu.

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