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Why is it a good choice to drink Huangjiu while we enjoy seafood?


Seafood is indispensable at the dinner table. And it is wonderful to enjoy seafood with a cup of wine. The wine should be Huangjiu, a kind of health wine.

Some Western gourmets advocate enjoying red wine with red meat instead of seafood. Japanese researchers found that the suggestion is scientific, because the iron ion in red wine will leave a stronger fishy smell in the mouth after eating seafood. And enjoying seafood with beer may increase the risk of gout. Gout patients can`t drink beer because beer is brewed by malt fermentation. Therefore, the purine content of beer is high and beer contains vitamin B1 and guanylic acid which will produce a lot of uric acid after metabolism in the liver. In addition, enjoying seafood with beer will burden intestines and stomach and increase the risk coefficient of gastrointestinal diseases. And liquor, with the high alcohol content, will not only promote the production of uric acid, but also inhibit the excretion of uric acid by kidney.

It is healthy and reasonable to enjoying seafood with Huangjiu.

Firstly, Huangjiu has the effect of deodorization so that it can make food more delicious. The fresh smell of seafood and the sweet taste of Huangjiu are perfectly matched. In addition, Huangjiu contains sweet amino acids which can improve flavor and freshness of dishes. What`s more, Huangjiu contains a lot of amino acids and esters and is rich in taste levels. It is worth mentioning that it is wonderful to enjoy sea crabs with Huangjiu. As an old saying goes, "Enjoying crabs with aged Huangjiu will be happy for a long time."

Secondly, seafood contains a lot of digestible high protein which will stay in the stomach for a long time. And Huangjiu is rich in functional oligosaccharides which can promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria and improve the digestive function. Only a few foods contain natural functional oligosaccharides. The natural functional oligosaccharides in Shaoxing Huangjiu are produced under the action of microbial enzymes during the brewing process. In this regard, Huangjiu is better than wine and beer.

Thirdly, the warm Huangjiu has the effect of promoting blood circulation and warming the stomach. Xu Wenbing, a famous Chinese medicine scholar, introduced in his book named Taste of Food that seafood is wet and cold. Eating too much seafood may cause the body to be invaded by the cold draught and affect health. However, enjoying seafood with warm Huangjiu can effectively reduce or eliminate the discomfort and the risk of disease after eating seafood, and can achieve the balance of Yin and Yang.

Taking a broad view to the food culture at present, seafood plays an important role at the dinner table. And it is necessary to enjoy seafood with Huangjiu. It's better to enjoy seafood slowly. And Shaoxing Huangjiu also should be enjoyed slowly. Seafood makes Huangjiu more layered on the palate and Huangjiu makes enjoying seafood more ceremonial. It's wonderful to enjoy seafood with Huangjiu. But please remember that from a health standpoint, we should drink Huangjiu slowly.

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