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Why is Shaoxing Huangjiu the most rhythmic wine?(1)


Huangjiu produced in different places has its own flavor and rhythm, but Shaoxing Huangjiu has its own unique rhythm. When I described Shaoxing Huangjiu to my friends in this way, they would ask me that what the rhythm of Huangjiu was? At the beginning, I couldn`t answer the question. In my understanding, the rhythm is something that can only be understood but can not be expressed. Therefore, it is difficult to convey the meaning of rhythm completely. Later, I tried to explain the rhythm of Huangjiu by explaining the difference between Guqin and Guzheng. Guqin and Guzheng are both classical instruments in Chinese classical string music. Guzheng usually has about 20 strings, while Guqin only has 7 strings. The timbre of Guzheng seems to be more delicate and accurate. The sound of Guzheng is pleasant, but it lacks rhythm. However, it seems that the sound of Guqin can directly go to your heart, stir your heartstrings, return back to your ears and linger around your ears, making it difficult for you to calm. This is the difference between Guqin and Guzheng. One has rhyme and the other has no rhyme, but their sounds are pleasant. This is also the difference between Xiao and Di (another two Chinese musical instruments). They can also produce pleasant sounds. Xiao has rhythm but Di has no rhythm. However, the explanation seems to be difficult to describe the rhythm of Shaoxing Huangjiu. I have been thinking for many years. Today, I try to describe the rhyme of Huangjiu by describing the rhythm in Chinese culture and art from the word [rhythm".

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