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Why is Shaoxing Huangjiu the most rhythmic wine?(3)


First of all, something with rhythm must be beautiful, which is necessary, but not indispensable. For example, although the sound of Guzheng lacks rhythm, it is beautiful and pleasant.

Secondly, something with rhythm will arrive at your heart through your body, and then return back to your body from your heart so that you can experience it twice. For example, the sound of Guqin can arrive at your heart and stir your heartstrings, evoking the association and emotional resonance.

Thirdly, something with rhythm are very Chinese in expression forms which are very veiled. You will feel that the meaning hasn`t been expressed clearly, and you need to understand and experience it by yourself. Chinese literati landscape painting is a good interpretation of rhythm. When you appreciate a literati landscape painting, you will feel that there is another painting in the painting, and the internal painting requires your imagination. This is the biggest difference between Chinese painting and Western oil painting. In Western oil painting, the painter expresses what he wants to express completely by color, light and picture feeling which give the audience shock. And Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is a rare Western painting that can make Chinese feel the rhythm.

Finally, the person who can enjoy the rhythm must have the rhythm in his heart, which is equivalent to having a receiver of radio signal in the heart. Otherwise, no matter how obvious the signal is, you can't feel it.

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