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Why is Shaoxing Huangjiu the most rhythmic wine?(5)


Things with rhythm must be good, but good things don't always have the rhythm. A good thing with the rhythm requires right time, place and people. Take wine making as an example, as long as you have good raw materials, good water, good climate conditions and good techniques, most of you can make good wine. But the wine with the rhythm requires right people who understand the aesthetic and have the rhythm in mind.

Good food must be the result of long-term interaction between diners and cooks, and good wine must be the result of long-term communication between drinkers and winemakers. Therefore, when we enjoy delicious food and drink a pot of good wine, we can not only appreciate the local customs, but also understand the local culture. Therefore, those things with aesthetic feeling and rhythm are mostly produced in areas with profound humanities.

From the perspective of favorable weather, geographical location and harmonious people, Shaoxing is really blessed. To be specific, Shaoxing, which is located at 30 degrees north latitude, has the high-quality water of Jianhu Lake, warm and humid air which is conducive to the fermentation, and rich and continuous cultural heritage. Shaoxing literati liked drinking and were good at drinking. In addition, they left countless cultural heritage about wine, such as Wang Xizhi's Preface to the Orchid Pavilion, Lu You's Chai Tou Feng, Xu Wei's paintings and Lu Xun's Kong Yiji. The constant communicate between literati and winemakers, and the continuous improvement of techniques made by generations of winemakers make Shaoxing become the capital of China Huangjiu.

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