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Why is Shaoxing Huangjiu the most rhythmic wine?(6)


Good wine must first make the drinker feel comfortable and happy. However, perfect wine can penetrate your body and reach your heart. These perfect wine can be called the king of wine. The sound of Guzheng is pleasant, but it only stays on the surface. However, the sound of Guqin can stir our heartstrings to make us think and affect our emotions. Therefore, Guqin is regarded as the king of Chinese musical instruments.

Shaoxing aged wine is reserved and graceful. When I open a jar of Shaoxing age wine, I can always feel that someone sweeps away the dust of history and talks with me. The dialogue is implicit and you have to think deeply to understand the meaning.

At the moment when the wine is poured out, the aroma overflows. And there are various smells of Shaoxing aged wine. You need to smell it carefully and you can smell the flavors of plum, berry and milk, which float into your body slowly. Then, you can take a cup and taste Huangjiu. The wine is sweet but not greasy. The wine is slightly sour, but the sour is vague and indistinct. In addition, the wine is bitter, salty, spicy but delectable, which makes you feel powerful and entertained. These flavors are balanced. These five flavors, under the action of alcohol, go straight from your mouth to the bottom of your heart, which evokes your imagination and makes you feel the five flavors of life. The sweetness and bitterness of life are all blended in the wine. And the wine ferments again in your body with your understanding of life, brewing worry, sorrow, hope and courage, and dissolving the sadness and anger in your heart.

When you enjoy Shaoxing Wine repeatedly, you can feel that the wine is light, mellow, smooth and fresh. At this time, you may think that what kind of mysterious power let the mature and rich-flavored wine keep fresh and pure after undergoing the test of heat and cold in four seasons. This is more like the life we pursue!

Every wine tasting will have a first half and a second half. In the first half, you can talk with the wine. And in the second half, the wine makes you talk with yourself while thinking back the conversation in the first half. This kind of wine is good, which can be called the wine with the rhythm. This is the reason why I like Shaoxing aged Huangjiu.

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