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Why is "slight drunkenness" the highest level of drinking? (3)


Chinese people's obsession, pursuit and enjoyment of slight drunkenness have something to do with Chinese Huangjiu. When you drink, as long as you drink enough and no matter what kind of wine you drink, you will go through four stages: elegance, slight drunkenness, drunkenness, and great drunkenness. But this rising pattern is not as people think. The degree of drunkenness doesn`t increase linearly with the increase of alcohol consumption. When people drink different kinds of wine, they stay at different stages for different times. Beyond a certain critical point, the degree of drunkenness will show a non-linear or power function increase.

Man is a social animal. Everyone plays many roles in the society and is labeled with many labels, such as leaders, entrepreneurs, writers and artists. Some people have played a role for a long time, and they often forget their own role. Even when they come back home or are in social occasions, they always play their social roles. Therefore, in the beginning of social occasions, everyone is very reserved and polite, keeping a certain distance from each other. But after drinking several cups of wine, they begin to get familiar with each other, talk more, and toast politely. At this time, they are in the first stage of drinking.

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