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Why is the quality of Huangjiu the best?


Recently, I read a book named Zhou Shutao's Wine Tickets and an article named [My Father and Wine" written by Mr. Zhou Jingliang and was deeply moved. The book is a photocopy of Shaoxing Wine tickets which were collected by Zhou Shutao during the period of the Republic of China and the Qing Dynasty.

Zhou Shutao, the father of Zhou Jingliang, was a true man who loved wine and life. He was a collector and cultural relic appraiser in the period of the Republic of China. And the article describes Zhou Shutao as follows: "Among all kinds of wine, my father's favorite wine is Huangjiu (or Shaoxing Jiu). He thought that Huangjiu owned the best quality. And I totally agreed with him in my teens. I'm not good at depicting, but I think Huangjiu, which is elegant and mellow, is the best wine in the world."

Why is the quality of Huangjiu the best? The quality is judged by the color and flavor. Mr. Zhou Jingliang said that Huangjiu which he saw and drank in his childhood and adolescence was light yellow or yellow, clear and transparent. It tasted fresh with pure and mellow smell without any bad smell.

And the quality of Huangjiu is unique. There are some similarities between Japanese sake and Huangjiu. They have clear color, mellow taste, elegant fragrance and no bad smell. However, there are also differences between them. Japanese sake tastes like water while Huangjiu tastes like wine. And compared with Huangjiu, white spirits own a stronger fragrance, but also a bad smell. Therefore, Zhou Jingliang's family seldom drank white spirits. In his opinion, the bad smell may come from distiller's grains. And the bad smell on the glass after drinking is especially strong. However, some write spirits without the bad smell will lack fragrance.

It is understood that Shaoxing Jiu has been famous overseas for its excellent quality, strong fragrance and mellow taste since it entered the international market in the 1950s. Japan, the largest foreign market of Shaoxing Huangjiu, has always been the focus of Shaoxing Huangjiu export enterprises. In 1994, after some Shaoxing Huangjiu enterprises, such as Gu Yue Long Shan, gained the self-managed import and export right, they actively explored the international market, especially the Japanese market. The research on Shaoxing Jiu carried out in Japan found that Shaoxing Jiu can help to eliminate the grease on the intestinal wall and has the anti-fatigue effect. Some large-scale wine enterprises in Japan such as Asahi Group also brewed Huangjiu before. However, due to water quality, climate, raw materials, brewing technology and other factors, it was impossible to duplicate the unique flavor of Shaoxing Jiu.

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