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Why should we design the body of Huangjiu? (2)


How to judge body design of Huangjiu? The sensory evaluation, one of the methods to test the quality of Huangjiu, is determining the color, fragrance, taste and style of Huangjiu by the eyes, nose and mouth. Look at the color, smell the fragrance, taste the wine, and determine the style by combining sensory impressions. The method, which is used to test the flavor characteristics of Huangjiu, is not only the main method to judge the quality of Huangjiu, but also the important means and basis to supervise the quality of products and select famous and excellent products.

As for the future of body design of Huangjiu, the scientific research team of traditional brewing food research center of Jiangnan University suggested that products should be high-quality, comfortable, safe and healthy. When designing products, the comfort should be taken into account, and the control of the comfort can be realized by the wine body design and base wine blending. The concentration of n-propyl alcohol, isobutyl alcohol, isoamyl alcohol, phenethyl alcohol, biogenic amine and other substances should be controlled to make people sober up quickly and comfortable after drinking. In addition, the alcohol content, amino acid nitrogen, total acid and other indicators should also be considered to meet the design requirements and national standards. In order to obtain Huangjiu with outstanding characteristics and high comfort, it is necessary to produce original Huangjiu with various styles and parameters, such as original Huangjiu with the low fusel and biogenic amine, original Huangjiu with strong fragrance, and original Huangjiu with the low acid. Develop Huangjiu products which can meet the requirements of target consumers and scenes by later blending.

Huangjiu is not only a kind of food, but also a materialized spiritual product. Therefore, consumers need to be satisfied both in quality and spiritual level. With people's pursuit of health and a better life, Huangjiu products should be more delicious and healthy. And as the witness of a better life, Gu Yue Long Shan will present better products to consumers accurately, efficiently and perfectly by designing the body of Huangjiu.

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