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Why should we drink Huangjiu in a proper amount during an outbreak? (2)


Recently, the Prevention and Control Headquarters of Wenzhou issued ten suggestions for the prevention of "COVID-19" to citizens. And the article 6 said that we should eat vitamin C and drink wine in moderation. In addition, the Prevention and Control Headquarters of Hangzhou also gave the same suggestion.

The suggestion caused a hot discussion. However, it should be noted that it is only a life suggestion, not a treatment suggestion.

At present, one of the key points of preventing epidemic diseases is boosting immunity and keeping healthy. A Harvard study has proven the rationality of moderate drinking. In addition, the American Journal of Medicine collected health information of 112,000 participants and concluded that adhering to a healthy lifestyle (drink and exercise in moderation, have a healthy diet and don`t smoke) would help people live longer. Health is mainly owing to the enhancement of the immune system. There are many ways to boost immunity, including drinking wine in moderation. And Huangjiu has a more obvious positive role in strengthening body, boosting immunity, preventing disease and prolonging life.

Spirits, red wine, Huangjiu and beer are not ethyl alcohol. Due to the different raw materials and brewing technology, the nutritional components of various wines are different. And the impact of different nutritional and pharmaceutical components on health is also different.

It is worth mentioning that Huangjiu is the most nutritious and healthy wine, and it is also the most suitable wine for Chinese people.

After studying Huangdi Neijing, Xu Wenbing, a famous modern Chinese medicine expert, made two conclusions on Huangjiu. Firstly, the flesh of grapes is acidic, and the acidic foods are cold. Chinese people prefer vegetarian diet. Therefore, the body of Chinese people is cold by and large. Huangjiu, which is gentle and mellow, is suitable for Chinese people. Thousands of years of practice has proved that the most suitable wine for Chinese people is not red wine, but Huangjiu. Secondly, Huangjiu is made from glutinous rice. Glutinous rice is a seed, an embryo, a living thing which can reproduce life. Huangjiu is warm in nature. And drinking warm Huangjiu can nourish the heart and Qi after it reaches the liver and main and collateral channels.

Shaoxing Huangjiu, with the reputation of "liquid cake", is a typical representative of Chinese Huangjiu.

Compared with other kinds of brewing wines, the protein content of Huangjiu is the highest. And proteins exist in the form of peptides and amino acids. In addition to ethyl alcohol and water, Huangjiu also contains 21 kinds of amino acids, the content of which is much higher than that of other kinds of wines. In recent years, studies have shown that the absorption performance of oligopeptides which are composed of several amino acids is better than that of amino acids. In addition, many peptides have functions that the original proteins or amino acids do not have, such as lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, adjusting immunity, preventing oxidant and so on. Takarashuzo. Co., Ltd. analyzed Shaoxing Jia Fan Wine and the result showed that in addition to ethyl alcohol and water, Huangjiu also contains 21 kinds of amino acids. The total content of amino acids of Huangjiu is 1.6 times that of Japanese sake, 6.8 times that of beer and 4.25 times of wine.

The vitamin content of Huangjiu is high. The vitamins of Huangjiu come from the autolysate of raw materials and yeast. The content of vitamin C is 5.71-43.20 mg/l. Vitamin C can boost immunity and promote the synthesis of collagen. There are more than 20 kinds of inorganic salts in Huangjiu, including macro elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and micro elements such as iron, copper, zinc and selenium. It is understood that selenium can boost immunity and protect the cardiovascular system and myocardium. According to the survey of Chinese Society of Nutrition, the daily intake of selenium of Chinese people is about 26 μg, and it is far less than the daily intake of selenium which is recommended by the World Health Organization (50-200 μg). According to the latest test data of China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute, the selenium content of Shaoxing Huangjiu is about 40 μg / L, which is much higher than that of Huangjiu of other regions.

In addition, according to the research of Gu Yue Long Shan, Zhejiang University and Jiangnan University, Shaoxing Huangjiu is also rich in functional oligosaccharides, polyphenols, γ-aminobutyric acid and bioactive peptides. Bioactive peptides can adjust immunity, prevent oxidant and eliminate free radicals. And functional oligosaccharides can promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in human body.

The epidemic is serious, but we should be optimistic. We should regulate our gastrointestinal system and mood when we stay at home. Drinking Shaoxing Huangjiu in moderation can regulate intestinal microecology, improve digestion, relieve pressure and adjust mood.

The epidemic is temporary, but our yearning for a healthy and happy life is eternal. We firmly believe that the health awareness of people will be further improved, the healthy consumption concept of "drinking less and drinking healthy wine" will be strengthened and recognized, and Shaoxing Huangjiu and Shaoxing Huangjiu products with nutritional and health care value will meet the market demand.

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