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Wine and People's Life


As a means of expression, wine is also an indicator of people's life. Some call it a thing of the highest grade, some think it excellent, some consider it valuable, some look on it as a proper tribute, and some regard it as a fast-selling commodity that brings considerable profits... With the changes of times, the advances of society, and the constant improvement of people's life, Chinese people's consumption has evolved from meeting the needs of life sustenance to enjoying life. This change may be proved by the rapid expansion of consumer groups of various alcoholic drinks. People booze to meet spiritual needs. This consumption is no longer intended to meet the need of life sustenance, but the need of life enjoyment. On the other hand, now that it is hard for people to control how much wine they drink, it is very common that this beverage does harm to their health against their will. Alcoholic drinks today featuring lower sugar content and heat, rich amino acids, vitamins and inorganic salts, have not only enabled people to enjoy life, but also prolonged their life spans, thereby satisfying the demand of people's improving life. They have become an indicator of the level of people's life.

Of course, every coin has two sides. The positive influences of wine are universally acknowledged; the disasters and tragedies caused by it have also been frequently heard of. Thus, self-discipline is essential in avoiding its disadvantages and bringing to play its advantages. When comparing two advantages, we should choose the one that is more advantageous; when weighing two disadvantages, we should settle for the one that is less disadvantageous. We have to make balances and compromises..

Good wine is an excellent work of art. With its form of water and character of fire, it can be found everywhere in human's life and in every facet of human civilization. In a life of destitution, she brings optimism; in a life of turbulence, she brings hardiness; and in a time of enterprise, she adds momentum. Therefore, she can always add many colors and much joy to our life.

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