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China Shaoxing Yellow Rice Wine Group Co., Ltd. is Chairman of Yellow Rice wine Branch of China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association (CACA), and one of the 520 national key enterprises. As a listed company affiliated with the group, Zhejiang Gu Yue Long Shan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd. (GYLS) is the largest Yellow Rice Wine company in China regarding its scale. Central Wine Cellar, has 18 large-scale wine stores, storing more than 200,000 tons of Datan Original Wine Storage, tall and ventilated, cool in the four seasons, the content of bacteria in the air is very small, temperature and humidity are uniform, which is better than the storage and aging of yellow rice wine. Because of its large area, it is regularly turned over every year, and the balance of each jar is ensured in the barn.
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    Hua Diao wine aged 10years

    Aged 10 years,Net weight: 500ML. It is made from Jian Lake water, fine white glutinous rice and high-quality wheat by traditional technology and natural fermentation. It is filled in blue and white po
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    Diao Yu Tai Hua Diao Wine aged 20years

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    Qian Fu Hua Diao wine aged 30years

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    Hua Diao wine aged 50years porcelain

    50 years,Net weight:500ML. It is made from Jianhu water, fine white glutinous rice and high-quality wheat by traditional technology and natural fermentation. It is filled in broken porcelain bottle of
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  • What is love? Love is what enhances and enriches my life. And love is what leads to heights and depths! --Kafka Mr. H, a native of Shaoxing, is a good friend of mine, and a Huangjiu lover. Although we seldom meet each other, we often talk about Huangjiu in the Wechat group. One day in early summer, he asked people working in the Huangjiu industry in the Wechat group, "Please give me a reason why we should drink Huangjiu." His question aroused my thinking. Just a few days ago, I held two wine tastings, namely, [Bushangtou Huangjiu Tasting" and [Guoniang 1959 Tasting", in a painted pleasure boat on the Shaoxing Ring River and a star hotel in Yuyao respectively. These wine tastings were aimed to let the guests enjoy the pleasure of "drinking in a boat" and the delicious taste of "Huangjiu with yellow croakers". Therefore, I replied without hesitation, "The reason for drinking Huangjiu is enjoying". However, this reason couldn`t convince him or other people to drink Huangjiu. And he said, "This reason is useless to strangers! How to guide a person who has never drunk Huangjiu to drink Huangjiu? " This question reminded me of many Huangjiu lovers I met at home and abroad. And the guests from Japan and Taiwan, China impressed me a lot. Last year, I went to Japan and Taiwan, China with the economic and trade group of Shaoxing. When the guests enjoyed Huangjiu, their faces were filled with great joy. They smelled and tasted Huangjiu in the wine cup over and over again. And they said, "Huangjiu is so fragrant, and it's so delicious." Both the old and the young were fond of Shaoxing Huangjiu. The visit to Taiwan, China impressed me a lot. When we visited Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China, we met a tour guide who worked on a cruise ship. After she heard that we were tourists from Shaoxing, she asked us with a smile, "Did you drink Shaoxing tonight?" At first, we didn't understand the meaning of "drinking Shaoxing". Later, she explained, "Shaoxing is the name of your local wine." In Taiwan, China, the meaning of drinking Shaoxing is drinking Shaoxing Jiu. Similarly, the meaning of drinking Maotai is drinking Maotai Jiu. In their opinions, Shaoxing Jiu is a synonym for Shaoxing. Junichi Sakomoto, a producer of Shochiku Company, also impressed me a lot. Guided by He Junjie, the director of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio and Television, he visited China Shaoxing Yellow Rice Wine Group last year. In the forum, he said that before he came to Shaoxing, he regarded Shaoxing as a name of wine, instead a name of city. After visiting the China Huangjiu Museum and Jianhu distillery, the project team decided to make a film about Shaoxing Jiu. Shaoxing Jiu had a deep influence on the Japanese people. And he thought that the film would be popular in Japan. They are Huangjiu lovers in Japan and Taiwan, China. And when I worked in China Shaoxing Yellow Rice Wine Group, I also met a lot of Huangjiu lovers. For example, Mr. Yang Yi, the founder of Chongqing Jingdian bookstore, is a representative Huangjiu lover. He got used to drink wine and foreign wine, but his stomach was in bad condition. Therefore, he began to drink Huangjiu and fell in love with it. Every year, he would buy a lot of high-quality Huangjiu from our company, and recommend them to his friends through speeches. He said that Huangjiu and Chinese zither are the forgotten national essence. Huangjiu is the best wine in the world, the most suitable wine for the Oriental people and the most suitable wine for Chinese food. Ms. Wang Yan, the chairman of Okamoto China, has been in love with Huangjiu since she visited China Shaoxing Yellow Rice Wine Group on May 9th last year. She said that one of her missions was to introduce Huangjiu to more young people and make them be fond of Huangjiu. Last year, she went to Shaoxing seven or eight times. Under her leadership, we developed a new Huangjiu product named "Jinriyi" which was popular among young people. In addition, we successfully launched the product through a new marketing model. She believes that Huangjiu has a large market and it will be loved by young people. By communicating with many Huangjiu lovers, I summarized the characteristics of Shaoxing Huangjiu. It is the wine with rich oriental features. It is the cultural wine, the wine of literati, the wine of Confucian businessmen, and the wine of elegant gentlemen, flowing in the blood of Chinese people. It is low-key and gentle, with the fragrance of orchids in deep valleys. And it contains various tastes of life. During the period of the Republic of China, the teachers of Chunhui Middle School organized the "Baimahu Lake Wine Party". And they made friends, expressed their feelings and promoted literary creations by drinking wine. In our wine tastings, we advocate that all guests should be in the state of slight drunkenness, be carefree and be polite. We advocate combining traditional culture and modern elements. And we advocate enjoying Huangjiu with music, food and friends. At last, I think of the words of Mr. Xie Guoming, the former deputy editor of the People's Daily. During the press conference of the Huangjiu Festival held in Beijing the year before last, he said, [Although the spirits is good, we are unable to drink too much with the growth of age. Although the wine is good, it's hard to distinguish between the good and the bad. Therefore, we don`t dare to drink wine sometimes. At present, we`d better to drink Shaoxing Jiu from my hometown. It is healthy, with low alcohol content. Drinking a little every day and enjoying life.
  • Nostalgia is a bowl of mellow Shaoxing Huangjiu. Shaoxing is a picturesque water town, a charming bridge town, and a world-famous wine town. The nostalgia of the water town is a jar of aged Shaoxing Huangjiu. No matter where you are, the familiar and everlasting taste of hometown is always in your mind. It's like a taste positioning system which connects you and the hometown. Shaoxing Huangjiu has become an indispensable part of nostalgia because of its long history and culture, and the emotional memory of Shaoxing people for its unique flavor. According to archaeological materials, Shaoxing Huangjiu has a history of 6000 to 10000 years. The rice and pottery unearthed in the Hemudu site which is located in Yuyao, indicate that Shaoxing people begun to brew the rice wine or grain wine more than 7000 years ago. Since ancient times, there have been wineries everywhere in Shaoxing. And in ancient times, everyone made friends with wine, regardless of their subjective wishes and status. Wine has become an important part of production activities and life. Huangjiu is the blood of Shaoxing people, and nostalgia is the soul of Shaoxing people. Drink Huangjiu and shed tears of homesickness. It is the flavor of nostalgia! No wonder Mr. Wang Boquan said with emotion, [Huadiao, Huadiao, Huadiao! What an elegant name! It is a kind of good wine from my hometown. Let me enjoy it. Huadiao, Huadiao, Huadiao! What an artistic name! It is a kind of good wine from my hometown. Let me enjoy it again." Shaoxing people often say, "Shaoxing people can live without rice, but they cannot live without Shaoxing Huangjiu!" As Sichuan people like spicy food, northern people like cooked wheaten food, and southern people like rice, drinking aged Huangjiu is a habit of Shaoxing people. Wen Yi, a gourmet, once said, "Even if you have tasted all the delicacies in the world, the one you love most, the one you miss most, and the one you will cry for one day, must be the taste memory of your childhood." Everyone in Shaoxing has a picture in his mind: when he was a child, his father used a bamboo wine spoon to put Huangjiu into a tin wine pot, and then poured Huangjiu into a wine bowl with the capacity of half a Jin (250 g) until it was almost full. Then he lowered his head, enjoyed it slowly with a satisfied expression, and make a sound of "ah---" comfortably. Shaoxing Huangjiu is the taste of Yangtze river delta in the dream of people far away from home, and it also cultivates the soft, tenacious, low-key and devoted Shaoxing spirit.
  • How to judge body design of Huangjiu? The sensory evaluation, one of the methods to test the quality of Huangjiu, is determining the color, fragrance, taste and style of Huangjiu by the eyes, nose and mouth. Look at the color, smell the fragrance, taste the wine, and determine the style by combining sensory impressions. The method, which is used to test the flavor characteristics of Huangjiu, is not only the main method to judge the quality of Huangjiu, but also the important means and basis to supervise the quality of products and select famous and excellent products. As for the future of body design of Huangjiu, the scientific research team of traditional brewing food research center of Jiangnan University suggested that products should be high-quality, comfortable, safe and healthy. When designing products, the comfort should be taken into account, and the control of the comfort can be realized by the wine body design and base wine blending. The concentration of n-propyl alcohol, isobutyl alcohol, isoamyl alcohol, phenethyl alcohol, biogenic amine and other substances should be controlled to make people sober up quickly and comfortable after drinking. In addition, the alcohol content, amino acid nitrogen, total acid and other indicators should also be considered to meet the design requirements and national standards. In order to obtain Huangjiu with outstanding characteristics and high comfort, it is necessary to produce original Huangjiu with various styles and parameters, such as original Huangjiu with the low fusel and biogenic amine, original Huangjiu with strong fragrance, and original Huangjiu with the low acid. Develop Huangjiu products which can meet the requirements of target consumers and scenes by later blending. Huangjiu is not only a kind of food, but also a materialized spiritual product. Therefore, consumers need to be satisfied both in quality and spiritual level. With people's pursuit of health and a better life, Huangjiu products should be more delicious and healthy. And as the witness of a better life, Gu Yue Long Shan will present better products to consumers accurately, efficiently and perfectly by designing the body of Huangjiu.
  • Huangjiu, one of the three ancient alcoholic beverages in the world, originated in China and is unique to China. Shaoxing Huangjiu, with the unique style and excellent quality, is the most famous Huangjiu in China. With changes of consumers and their tastes, consumers nowadays prefer high-quality, personalized ang safe Huangjiu. Therefore, the design of body flavor quality is the core technology of Huangjiu enterprises. What is body design of Huangjiu? Based on the physical and chemical properties of Huangjiu, flavor characteristics of Huangjiu, market demands, preferences of consumers in various regions, cooking culture and other factors, design and match wine products reasonably to make them own typical styles and personality characteristics. Why should we design the body of Huangjiu? It can develop new products, improve old products and highlight product personality so as to meet market demands more accurately. How to design the body of Huangjiu? Shaoxing Huangjiu is also called aged Huangjiu. The traditional Shaoxing Huangjiu is naturally fermented in pottery jars. The quality and style of each jar of Huangjiu are different, which is due to the difference of the raw material quality, climatic condition, technological operation and fermentation cycle in the production process, as well as the difference of storage condition and storage period length during the period of storing and aging. In order to stabilize and improve the quality of products, increase the varieties of products and improve the grade of products, the combination and adjustment of fermented original Huangjiu of different quality or different varieties is called blending. For example, winemakers make the body of high-grade aged wine of Gu Yue Long Shan coordinated, balanced and strong by scientific blending so as to make the products fragrant and well-structured. Winemakers believe that the beauty of wine body is created by hands, tasted by the tongue, understood by the brain and stored in the heart. A jar of new wine can be turned into a jar of top-quality wine with complete color and fragrance after being blending. Another method of designing the body of Huangjiu is to take brewing technology as the design focus, combined with modern technology. For example, as for "Bushangtou" Huangjiu of Gu Yue Long Shan (people won`t be uncomfortable after drinking this kind of Huangjiu), Gu Yue Long Shan adopted microbial metabolism control technology to analyze the succession rule of 634 kinds of Huangjiu brewing microorganisms, obtained the metabolic network access of flavor substances of Huangjiu, and reduced the substances in Huangjiu which would make people uncomfortable after drinking by regulating the metabolism of saccharomyces and lactobacillus. At the same time, based on the total sugar, total acid, higher alcohol and other five indicators, the company adopts the limited regulation technology to blend wine and control the content of the substances in Huangjiu which would make people uncomfortable after drinking so as to make the wine mellow and full-bodied and improve the comfort after drinking.
  • "Making wine is like educating people. We should pour patience, sweat, painstaking effort, skill, responsibility and feeling into it." When the sealing wine of 2020 of Gu Yue Long Shan was in the process of going public, we had the honor to interview Xu Yuezheng, the master of wine making and the national inheritor of Shaoxing Huangjiu brewing technology. What is good wine? The whole process of brewing good wine is related with people. And brewing good wine depends on the inheritance of skills from generation to generation, and on the perfect combination of the spirit of originality, feeling, morality and responsibility. What is the spirit of originality? It is a focus on a craft, which purely springs from interest and love. And it is craftsmen`s enthusiastic pursuit of quality. Weather is influenced by seasons. Land is influenced by climate. There are skillful craftsmen and clumsy craftsmen. And there are good materials and bad materials. Brewing Shaoxing wine is an art. Every drop of Shaoxing wine contains the painstaking effort and sweat of brewers. Choose one job and devote the whole life to master one skill. The life creed of brewers is being persistent and pursuing perfection. The spirit of originality can be found indeed. Shaoxing wine is made by hand. The Chinese yeast is made in Lunar July, the wheat starter is made in Lunar August and the artificial yeast culture is made in lunar September. On the Beginning of Winter, the brewing process starts. And the sterilization starts on the Beginning of Spring of the following year. Then, the wine is boiled and filled into jars which are then sealed by mud. The meticulous brewing process is conducted once a year. Any problem in any step will affect the quality. In summer, winemakers cut willow-leaved smartweed under the scorching sun, roll the rice flour and willow-leaved smartweed powder, introduce old Chinese yeast into new Chinese yeast, put mixed Chinese yeast into vats to ferment, and dry Chinese yeast in the sun. winemakers should be very careful in the process of making Chinese yeast. In autumn, winemakers smash wheat, mix wheat starter, shape wheat starter and pile wheat starter. Wheat starter is prepared for winter brewing. At the same time, in the pollution-free raw material base of Gu Yue Long Shan, craftsmen collect and select the best glutinous rice, which is the best raw material for wine making. The starch content of the high-quality glutinous rice is high. In addition, the protein and fat content of the rice is low. The wine which is made from the rice tastes pure and good. On the Beginning of Winter, winemakers soak rice, steam rice, put raw materials into vats, and mix raw materials to ferment. Each step needs to be completed by hand. And at the same time, each step needs to be checked by the eye, ear, nose and mouth. The brewing skill of Huangjiu is taught by the mouth and heart. And the key points are controlled by brewers with the heart. As we all know, the key step of winter brewing is mixing raw materials. Winemakers should pay attention to subtle changes in the fermentation process. To be specific, winemakers should listen to the sound of the mash in the wine vat to judge the intensity of fermentation, smell the taste to analyze the purity of wine, taste the fermented mash to distinguish the harmony degree of acid, fresh, sweet, bitter, spicy and astringent flavor, sense the temperature inside and outside the wine vat one by one, and mix raw materials according to circumstances. In order to produce good wine, winemakers often stay in the workshop all night, and they never slack off in details. At the beginning of spring of the following year, the sterilization starts. Then, the wine is boiled and filled into jars which are then sealed by mud. Winemakers race against time to seal the jars and send wine to the central warehouse for storing and aging before summer. The central warehouse of Gu Yue Long Shan is the biggest wine warehouse in the world. In May and June of each year, winemakers will move wine jars with great patience to make the temperature and humidity of each jar balanced. [After we master a skill, we can comprehend the laws of heaven and earth if we practice further." Master Xu said that transforming a grain of rice into a drop of mellow wine is not only a process of transformation, but also a process of communicating with lives because winemakers put in a lot of effort. There is no shortcut for growth. It is a journey accompanied by bitterness and happiness. And it requires persistence and perseverance to do simple things repeatedly and do repetitive things with heart. The process of wine making is painstaking. However, winemakers will be happy when the product is recognized. The long-term adherence to quality is painstaking. However, consumers will be happy when they enjoy wine. The older the wine is, the more mellow it is. The harder people work, the faster they progress. This is a unchangeable rule for winemakers. The spirit of originality of winemakers of Gu Yue Long Shan is keeping practice, getting rid of impulse, and focusing on wine making with awe. In To the Spirit of Originality, Li Zongsheng said, [No matter how noisy the world is, craftsmen are absolutely quiet and stable. I will take the materials given by nature seriously, then I will get a return." Integrate the spirit of originality into details and realize innovation by inheriting skills. Nowadays, the mechanization degree is very high, but Gu Yue Long Shan still insists on brewing by hand. Because the company is well aware of the truth that only the quality of Huangjiu is good, can the company develop further. Integrate the spirit of originality into Huangjiu and brew good Huangjiu day after day to make the whole world fragrant.
  • Recently, the Prevention and Control Headquarters of Wenzhou issued ten suggestions for the prevention of "COVID-19" to citizens. And the article 6 said that we should eat vitamin C and drink wine in moderation. In addition, the Prevention and Control Headquarters of Hangzhou also gave the same suggestion. The suggestion caused a hot discussion. However, it should be noted that it is only a life suggestion, not a treatment suggestion. At present, one of the key points of preventing epidemic diseases is boosting immunity and keeping healthy. A Harvard study has proven the rationality of moderate drinking. In addition, the American Journal of Medicine collected health information of 112,000 participants and concluded that adhering to a healthy lifestyle (drink and exercise in moderation, have a healthy diet and don`t smoke) would help people live longer. Health is mainly owing to the enhancement of the immune system. There are many ways to boost immunity, including drinking wine in moderation. And Huangjiu has a more obvious positive role in strengthening body, boosting immunity, preventing disease and prolonging life. Spirits, red wine, Huangjiu and beer are not ethyl alcohol. Due to the different raw materials and brewing technology, the nutritional components of various wines are different. And the impact of different nutritional and pharmaceutical components on health is also different. It is worth mentioning that Huangjiu is the most nutritious and healthy wine, and it is also the most suitable wine for Chinese people. After studying Huangdi Neijing, Xu Wenbing, a famous modern Chinese medicine expert, made two conclusions on Huangjiu. Firstly, the flesh of grapes is acidic, and the acidic foods are cold. Chinese people prefer vegetarian diet. Therefore, the body of Chinese people is cold by and large. Huangjiu, which is gentle and mellow, is suitable for Chinese people. Thousands of years of practice has proved that the most suitable wine for Chinese people is not red wine, but Huangjiu. Secondly, Huangjiu is made from glutinous rice. Glutinous rice is a seed, an embryo, a living thing which can reproduce life. Huangjiu is warm in nature. And drinking warm Huangjiu can nourish the heart and Qi after it reaches the liver and main and collateral channels. Shaoxing Huangjiu, with the reputation of "liquid cake", is a typical representative of Chinese Huangjiu. Compared with other kinds of brewing wines, the protein content of Huangjiu is the highest. And proteins exist in the form of peptides and amino acids. In addition to ethyl alcohol and water, Huangjiu also contains 21 kinds of amino acids, the content of which is much higher than that of other kinds of wines. In recent years, studies have shown that the absorption performance of oligopeptides which are composed of several amino acids is better than that of amino acids. In addition, many peptides have functions that the original proteins or amino acids do not have, such as lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, adjusting immunity, preventing oxidant and so on. Takarashuzo. Co., Ltd. analyzed Shaoxing Jia Fan wine and the result showed that in addition to ethyl alcohol and water, Huangjiu also contains 21 kinds of amino acids. The total content of amino acids of Huangjiu is 1.6 times that of Japanese sake, 6.8 times that of beer and 4.25 times of wine. The vitamin content of Huangjiu is high. The vitamins of Huangjiu come from the autolysate of raw materials and yeast. The content of vitamin C is 5.71-43.20 mg/l. Vitamin C can boost immunity and promote the synthesis of collagen. There are more than 20 kinds of inorganic salts in Huangjiu, including macro elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and micro elements such as iron, copper, zinc and selenium. It is understood that selenium can boost immunity and protect the cardiovascular system and myocardium. According to the survey of Chinese Society of Nutrition, the daily intake of selenium of Chinese people is about 26 μg, and it is far less than the daily intake of selenium which is recommended by the World Health Organization (50-200 μg). According to the latest test data of China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute, the selenium content of Shaoxing Huangjiu is about 40 μg / L, which is much higher than that of Huangjiu of other regions. In addition, according to the research of Gu Yue Long Shan, Zhejiang University and Jiangnan University, Shaoxing Huangjiu is also rich in functional oligosaccharides, polyphenols, γ-aminobutyric acid and bioactive peptides. Bioactive peptides can adjust immunity, prevent oxidant and eliminate free radicals. And functional oligosaccharides can promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in human body. The epidemic is serious, but we should be optimistic. We should regulate our gastrointestinal system and mood when we stay at home. Drinking Shaoxing Huangjiu in moderation can regulate intestinal microecology, improve digestion, relieve pressure and adjust mood. The epidemic is temporary, but our yearning for a healthy and happy life is eternal. We firmly believe that the health awareness of people will be further improved, the healthy consumption concept of "drinking less and drinking healthy wine" will be strengthened and recognized, and Shaoxing Huangjiu and Shaoxing Huangjiu products with nutritional and health care value will meet the market demand.
  • A thousand years ago, Sun Simiao, the king of medicine, said, "As long as one person drinks Tu Su wine, all family members won't get sick. And as long as one family drinks Tu Su wine, all families within 500 meters won't get sick." In the current outbreak, wine becomes the focus again. The traditional Chinese character " (yi)", which means medicine, is comprised of [ (yi)", [ (shu)" and [ (you)". The original meaning of [ (you)" is wine. Therefore, we can see that there is a close and symbiotic relationship between medicine and wine. In Chinese traditional culture, the method of drinking wine to avoid epidemic diseases has been proven by human body experiment. In addition, the method is passed down through generations and has become a cultural custom. As The Book of Songs said, "Blessing old people with the spring wine". Wine is closely related to people's daily life. And it can be called the "liquid specimen" of human history. Han History-- Records of Foods and Goods said, "Wine is the first artificial drug." And Compendium of Materia Medica said, "There are many different kinds of wines. And only rice wine can be used in medicine." The rice wine here refers to Huangjiu. There are three kinds of ancient fermented alcoholic drinks in the world, namely, Huangjiu, beer and wine. And only Huangjiu originated in China. Huangjiu, a kind of wine with a history of thousands of years, has been regarded as the "immortal wine" and "precious liquid" for health preservation and fitness, and is deeply loved by people based on long-term health care experience and experiments. According to the survey data from Shaoxing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the average life expectancy of people in Shaoxing City was 81.43 years in 2018, far exceeding the average life expectancy of Chinese in 2018 (77 years), which may be related to Shaoxing people's preference for Huangjiu and long-term drinking of Huangjiu. Ballad of Life is a monograph reflecting the situation of old people over 100 years old in Shaoxing City. The book introduces 319 old people over 100 years old in Shaoxing City by March 2015. There are 85 males and 234 females. And the book introduces 122 old people in detail based on general visit and face-to-face conversation. Surprisingly, most centenarians like to drink Shaoxing Huangjiu, regardless of jobs, education levels, places of residence and genders. In addition, wine consumption is the key factor to define whether wine is beneficial or harmful. It has been verified that drinking too much wine is harmful. However, drinking in moderation is good for human body, which has been proven by human body experiments for thousands of years. Compendium of Materia Medica said, [Drinking in moderation can strengthen the spirit. And drinking excessively will damage the body." Yuan Zhongdao of Ming Dynasty also said that drinking in moderation can make the spirit fresh and avoid all diseases. The view is exaggerated, but it also has a point. Many centenarians like to drink Huangjiu, but they drink in moderation every day. Many studies have shown that drinking in moderation is good for health. According to the 2016 dietary guidelines for Chinese residents, the amount of alcohol consumed by a man in a day should not exceed 25 g, which is equivalent to 625 ml of beer, or ml of white wine (alcohol content: 50%vol), or 210 ml of Huangjiu. Because the body shape and the influence of estrogen on the liver's ability to alleviate the alcohol intoxication of women are significantly different from that of men, the damage of alcohol to women is more serious. And the daily limit of alcohol consumption is set more strictly. The amount of alcohol consumed by a woman in a day should not exceed 15 g, which is equivalent to 375 ml of beer, or 30ml of white wine (alcohol content: 50%vol), or 125 ml of Huangjiu. Therefore, Huangjiu is the best choice. Alcohol is the main component of wine, regardless of the alcohol content. From the medical point of view, the key factor is the liver's ability to alleviate the alcohol intoxication. It can be said that drinking is safe within the ability range, and drinking is harmful outside the ability range. The speed of liver alleviating the alcohol intoxication is 10 ml per hour. It can be imagined that it is easier for the liver to detoxify Huangjiu with the relatively low alcohol content and the influence of Huangjiu on the liver is slighter. It's a hot topic about drinking. It's healthy to drink good wine slowly in moderation. And Huangjiu is exactly a kind of wine which should be enjoyed slowly.
  • In addition, Rare Medical books of Qing Dynasty recorded an effective prescription, [During an outbreak, you should drink a few cups of wine before going out and after going home so that you won't get sick. But don't get drunk. If you can't drink wine, you can eat ginger and garlic or put ginger and garlic in your nose. " In the early Qing Dynasty, there was a famous physician named Chen Shifeng in Shaoxing City. His comments on Huangjiu in his monograph named New Compendium of Materia Medica are objective, fair, authoritative and comprehensive. Here are a few of comments excerpted from the book, [Wine tastes bitter, sweet and spicy. It is hot and poisonous. It can be used as a guiding herb and can reach all main and collateral channels of the body. Drinking wine in moderation can nourish the spleen and liver, retain youthful looks, nourish the skin, promote blood circulation, strengthen the stomach and intestines, avoid miasmas, withstand cold, dispel evils, allay grief and make people confident. These are advantages of drinking wine. However, drinking too much wine will damage the stomach, intestines, muscles and bones so that the life will be shortened. These are disadvantages of drinking wine. Ah! Wine per se is harmless. Wine is beneficial if you know the advantages of wine. And you should also know the disadvantages of wine so that you won`t be damaged. And wine can actually cure diseases." Experts of the Zhenyuantang drugstore analyzed that the wine is warm and spicy so that drinking wine can withstand cold, dredge channels, promote blood circulation, treat rheumatism, warm the body, allay grief and make people confident and happy. In addition, wine is the essence of grain brewing, so drinking wine can nourish the stomach and intestines. Therefore, moderate drinking is undoubtedly helpful to improve the resistance of the body. However, there is no convincing evidence that it can avoid epidemic diseases. In conclusion, Huangjiu can be widely used in medicine. Firstly, Huangjiu has health care effect and can improve the resistance of the body. In addition, Huangjiu can dissolve the effective ingredients of drugs so that they can be absorbed by the body easily. What`s more, Huangjiu can guide the effectiveness of drugs to the body part that need treatment so as to improve the curative effect.
  • The method of avoiding epidemic diseases by drinking Huangjiu in a proper amount has been recorded in the history materials of China and foreign countries for many times. Huangjiu has a history of more than 9,000 years in China. It can be said that wine plays an important role in avoiding epidemic diseases. Firstly, the medicinal wine can cure diseases. In addition, drinking wine can strengthen the body. Han History-- Records of Foods and Goods said, "Wine is the first artificial drug." In the early stage of medical development, therapies were simple. And wine played a special role in the medical activities. In addition, spirits had not been invented at that time. Therefore, Huangjiu was used as the drug. Mr. Qian Maozhu, an expert in Shaoxing wine culture research, introduced that a more specific explanation for the medicinal use of wine was made in Sheng Nong`s Herbal Classic, [Wine is warm in nature. And doctors often use wine as the guiding herb." It means that in ancient and modern Chinese medicine, it is very common to use Huangjiu as the guiding herb or make medicine wine with Huangjiu to cure diseases. Thousands of Precious Prescriptions, which was written by Sun Simiao of Tang Dynasty, said, "People drink Tu Su wine according to the age and young people drink first. As long as one person drinks wine, all family members won't get sick. And as long as one family drinks wine, all families within 500 meters won't get sick." Because spirits had not been introduced in Yuan Dynasty, Huangjiu was used as the drug in Tang Dynasty. Zhang Dongming winery, which was founded during the Qianlong era of Qing Dynasty, was a famous winery in the Ruandu Village, Shaoxing City. The products of the winery were sold well in Beijing, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Singapore and other places around the world. In addition, the famous Tongrentang drugstore in Beijing specially ordered wine from the winery. And the winery brewed a special kind of wine called "Shi Ba Liu Tong" for the drugstore, and guaranteed that the wine would be stored for more than three years before being transported to Beijing. The high-quality wine was really mellow and fragrant. And the drugstore made a variety of medicinal wine by using Shaoxing Jiu and authentic medicines as raw materials, and improved the effect of medicines by using Shaoxing Jiu as the auxiliary material, which made the drugstore famous. According to the experts of the Zhenyuantang drugstore in Shaoxing City, drinking specific medicinal wine can avoid epidemic diseases. Shaoxing Jiu not only can be used as the raw material to make a variety of high-quality medicinal wine, but also has a direct medical effect. Compendium of Materia Medica recorded 69 kinds of medicinal wine which can cure diseases. And these 69 kinds of medicinal wine, which can be said to be the earliest compounded wine in China, are all made of Huangjiu.
  • Seafood is indispensable at the dinner table. And it is wonderful to enjoy seafood with a cup of wine. The wine should be Huangjiu, a kind of health wine. Some Western gourmets advocate enjoying red wine with red meat instead of seafood. Japanese researchers found that the suggestion is scientific, because the iron ion in red wine will leave a stronger fishy smell in the mouth after eating seafood. And enjoying seafood with beer may increase the risk of gout. Gout patients can`t drink beer because beer is brewed by malt fermentation. Therefore, the purine content of beer is high and beer contains vitamin B1 and guanylic acid which will produce a lot of uric acid after metabolism in the liver. In addition, enjoying seafood with beer will burden intestines and stomach and increase the risk coefficient of gastrointestinal diseases. And liquor, with the high alcohol content, will not only promote the production of uric acid, but also inhibit the excretion of uric acid by kidney. It is healthy and reasonable to enjoying seafood with Huangjiu. Firstly, Huangjiu has the effect of deodorization so that it can make food more delicious. The fresh smell of seafood and the sweet taste of Huangjiu are perfectly matched. In addition, Huangjiu contains sweet amino acids which can improve flavor and freshness of dishes. What`s more, Huangjiu contains a lot of amino acids and esters and is rich in taste levels. It is worth mentioning that it is wonderful to enjoy sea crabs with Huangjiu. As an old saying goes, "Enjoying crabs with aged Huangjiu will be happy for a long time." Secondly, seafood contains a lot of digestible high protein which will stay in the stomach for a long time. And Huangjiu is rich in functional oligosaccharides which can promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria and improve the digestive function. Only a few foods contain natural functional oligosaccharides. The natural functional oligosaccharides in Shaoxing Huangjiu are produced under the action of microbial enzymes during the brewing process. In this regard, Huangjiu is better than wine and beer. Thirdly, the warm Huangjiu has the effect of promoting blood circulation and warming the stomach. Xu Wenbing, a famous Chinese medicine scholar, introduced in his book named Taste of Food that seafood is wet and cold. Eating too much seafood may cause the body to be invaded by the cold draught and affect health. However, enjoying seafood with warm Huangjiu can effectively reduce or eliminate the discomfort and the risk of disease after eating seafood, and can achieve the balance of Yin and Yang. Taking a broad view to the food culture at present, seafood plays an important role at the dinner table. And it is necessary to enjoy seafood with Huangjiu. It's better to enjoy seafood slowly. And Shaoxing Huangjiu also should be enjoyed slowly. Seafood makes Huangjiu more layered on the palate and Huangjiu makes enjoying seafood more ceremonial. It's wonderful to enjoy seafood with Huangjiu. But please remember that from a health standpoint, we should drink Huangjiu slowly.
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