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Can we avoid epidemic diseases by drinking Huangjiu in a proper amount? (2)


In addition, Rare Medical books of Qing Dynasty recorded an effective prescription, [During an outbreak, you should drink a few cups of wine before going out and after going home so that you won't get sick. But don't get drunk. If you can't drink wine, you can eat ginger and garlic or put ginger and garlic in your nose. "

In the early Qing Dynasty, there was a famous physician named Chen Shifeng in Shaoxing City. His comments on Huangjiu in his monograph named New Compendium of Materia Medica are objective, fair, authoritative and comprehensive. Here are a few of comments excerpted from the book, [Wine tastes bitter, sweet and spicy. It is hot and poisonous. It can be used as a guiding herb and can reach all main and collateral channels of the body. Drinking wine in moderation can nourish the spleen and liver, retain youthful looks, nourish the skin, promote blood circulation, strengthen the stomach and intestines, avoid miasmas, withstand cold, dispel evils, allay grief and make people confident. These are advantages of drinking wine. However, drinking too much wine will damage the stomach, intestines, muscles and bones so that the life will be shortened. These are disadvantages of drinking wine. Ah! Wine per se is harmless. Wine is beneficial if you know the advantages of wine. And you should also know the disadvantages of wine so that you won`t be damaged. And wine can actually cure diseases."

Experts of the Zhenyuantang drugstore analyzed that the wine is warm and spicy so that drinking wine can withstand cold, dredge channels, promote blood circulation, treat rheumatism, warm the body, allay grief and make people confident and happy. In addition, wine is the essence of grain brewing, so drinking wine can nourish the stomach and intestines. Therefore, moderate drinking is undoubtedly helpful to improve the resistance of the body. However, there is no convincing evidence that it can avoid epidemic diseases.

In conclusion, Huangjiu can be widely used in medicine. Firstly, Huangjiu has health care effect and can improve the resistance of the body. In addition, Huangjiu can dissolve the effective ingredients of drugs so that they can be absorbed by the body easily. What`s more, Huangjiu can guide the effectiveness of drugs to the body part that need treatment so as to improve the curative effect.

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