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How to distinguish the four varieties of Huangjiu?


A few days ago, Mr. Ruan from Shanghai left a message on "Morning Reading of Huangjiu". What is the difference between the four varieties of Huangjiu, namely, Shanniang, Xiangxue, Yuanhong and Jiafan. In this regard, we immediately consulted Qin Bin, the director of the National Huangjiu Engineering Technology Research Center. And he said that Huangjiu can be divided into four varieties according to the sugar content:

Dry Huangjiu (Shaoxing Yuanhong Jiu) (sugar content ≤ 15 g/l)

Semi-dry Huangjiu (Shaoxing Jiafan Jiu) (sugar content = 15.1-40.0 g/l)

Semi-sweet Huangjiu (Shaoxing Shanniang Jiu) (sugar content = 40.1-100.0 g/l)

Sweet Huangjiu (Shaoxing Xiangxue Jiu) (sugar content > 100.0 g/l)

In fact, Huangjiu, with a long history, is one of the three ancient wines in the world. Influenced by economic, political and cultural factors in different periods, Huangjiu gradually declined in many places. At present, Huangjiu is mainly produced in the south of China. And the most famous production area of Huangjiu is Shaoxing in the south of the Yangtze.

Yuanhong Jiu is so named because ancient winemakers painted the outer wall of the wine jar vermilion. The fermentation temperature of Yuanhong Jiu is low, the time interval of stirring is short, and the yeast grows fast. Therefore, the fermentation is complete and the sugar content is less than 15.0g/l. Yuanhong Jiu is the representative of dry Huangjiu. The orange Yuanhong Huangjiu with the almond aromas is clear, transparent and slightly sweet.

Jiafan Jiu, also known as Huadiao Jiu, is so named because winemakers paint beautiful colorful patterns outside the wine jar. Compared with Yuanhong Jiu, there is more glutinous rice in Jiafan Jiu. The sugar content is moderate, between 15.1g/l and 40.0g/l. Jiafan Jiu is the representative of semi-dry Huangjiu. The amber Jiafan Jiu with multiple tastes is slightly sweet and full of fragrance, and the aftertaste is full of obvious nut and hazelnut aromas.

Shanniang Jiu, also known as Shuangtao Jiu, is brewed by adding Yuanhong Jiu aged 1 to 3 years instead of Jianhu Lake water. Shanniang Jiu is sweeter than Jiafan Jiu. The sugar content is between 40.1g/l and 100.0g/l. The wine is especially suitable for ladies and new drinkers and it is the representative of semi-sweet Huangjiu. The dark yellow Shanniang Jiu is translucent, fresh, sweet and more mellow, and the aftertaste is full of light honey aromas.

Xiangxue Jiu is a special variety of Shaoxing Huangjiu. It is so named because the mash color is like the color of white snow and the flavor is strong and mellow. Instead of adding water, the wine is brewed with Zaoshao Jiu whose alcohol content is 50 degrees. Winemakers make Xiangxue Jiu with spirits to maintain the high sugar content which is higher than 100.0g/l. It is the representative of sweet Huangjiu and only experienced winemakers can make high-quality Xiangxue Jiu. The brewing time of Xiangxue Jiu is long and the production rate is low. Therefore, it is rarely sold on the market alone. The dark yellow and translucent Xiangxue Jiu is sweet, mellow, soft, smooth, and the aftertaste is full of date, licorice and caramel aromas.

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