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How to keep comfortable after drinking?


Drunk people may have a headache and feel uncomfortable next day. The reaction is common after people drink white liquor, red wine, Huangjiu, sake, Fruit Wine or even beer with the low alcohol content. How to keep comfortable after drinking? This is a question worthy of discussion.

I think there are mainly two reasons why people feel uncomfortable after drinking. The first one is related to the wine itself, and the other one is related to the way of drinking. First of all, let's talk about the wine. At the press conference held in Hangzhou on September 12th to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Ma Weiguang, the secretary of Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee, revealed that cooperated with Jiangnan University, we have found out key substances to make people uncomfortable after drinking Huangjiu. Because Huangjiu is popular and Secretary Ma is prestigious, the news was reviewed by millions of people after being released.

What are the key substances to make people uncomfortable after drinking Huangjiu? Professor Mao Jian, the head of the innovative laboratory which is co-established by Gu Yue Long Shan and Jiangnan University, said that according to Technical Guidelines for Research on Non-clinical Pharmacokinetics of Drugs of CFDA and through a large number of animal experiments, it has been proved that higher alcohols and biogenic amines are the key substances to make people drunk and feel uncomfortable after drinking Huangjiu. Researchers injected different substances into the rats and compared the effects of different substances on eliminating ethanol by detecting the changes of ethanol content in the blood. The results showed that some substances would slow down the elimination of ethanol. And researchers call these substances as higher alcohols and biogenic amines.

These substances may make people feel uncomfortable after drinking Huangjiu by self-catabolism and slowing down the elimination of ethanol. As the main component of alcoholic drinks, alcohol has an important impact on the comfort after drinking. At the same time, other substances in alcoholic drinks will also affect the metabolism speed of alcohol in the body, and finally make people drunk and feel uncomfortable.

In addition, Qian bin, the director of Gu Yue Long Shan Quality and Technology Center, told me that the winemakers in ancient times had already discovered that people would be uncomfortable after drinking Huangjiu and solved the problem by aging Huangjiu. Only Aged Wine could be sold in the market. The aged high-quality Shaoxing Huangjiu, with a good flavor, wouldn`t make people feel uncomfortable in most instances. And it was the magic weapon of Shaoxing Huangjiu at that time. Secondly, winemakers mixed the original Huangjiu made by different brewing technology, to further improve the quality of Huangjiu. In addition, winemakers would keep flavor and active substances such as high alcohols and biogenic amines at an appropriate concentration. Modern scientists not only found out the key substances, but also proved that people won`t be uncomfortable after drinking aged Huangjiu in most instances. Under the guidance of the wine body design theory, Gu Yue Long Shan makes full use of the original Huangjiu resources in the central warehouse to launch a new product named "Bu Shang Tou" which means that people won`t be uncomfortable after drinking it. And the product was launched officially during the 25th Shaoxing Huangjiu festival.

Of course, it's very good to reduce the key substances which make people feel uncomfortable after drinking. However, we should still pay attention to the amount of drinking. Moderate drinking is good for the body, and excessive drinking is harmful to the body.

In addition, there is a secret recipe for treating the headache after drinking. The secret is honey water. Some people think that honey contains a kind of special fructose, which can promote the decomposition and absorption of alcohol and relieve the headache, especially the headache caused by red wine. In addition, honey has a hypnotic effect. It can make people fall asleep quickly and get up without headache next day. Some hotels have adopted the secret recipe. And they will offer a cup of honey water to you after drinking. You can go home and try the secret recipe. I think we should enjoy Huangjiu rather than drink Huangjiu fast. We should spend an hour or two on tasting a jin of good Huangjiu so that we won`t be uncomfortable after drinking and can enjoy life at the same time. Don`t you think so?

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