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Why is "slight drunkenness" the highest level of drinking? (2)


Being slightly drunk is the best state of creation. When you are slightly drunk, the fetters of the secular society are gone, and the veil of warmth and hypocrisy falls. And the talent, emotion, gas which are deeply buried in the heart gush out like a spring.

When Wang Xizhi was slightly drunk, he left two cultural heritages to the world: his masterpiece "Preface to the Orchid Pavilion" and the literati's life style. From then on, he brought wine from secular life into the spiritual life world of Chinese people.

Lu You left the eternal poem of [pink hands so fine, gold-branded wine" when he was slightly drunk, which moistened the hearts of Chinese people for nearly a thousand years. And most of the eternal poems left by Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi and Liu Yong were made in a slightly drunk state. This is also a difference between Chinese and Western literary circles. Although scholars love wine, there is a difference between finding inspiration in wine and creating great works when they are slightly drunk.

Slight drunkenness is the most beautiful way of communication between drinkers. In one's life, one will always miss some people and things, which are buried in the heart, but stuck in the throat. However, after making everything public, your heart will be empty. If you have a chance to meet these people again, you may make an appointment at the side of a small bridge and warm a pot of aged wine with half dark light and indistinct musical sound. When you are slightly drunk, you raise your head, and extend greetings to others with light, warm and slightly drunk eyes, drink late at night and then say goodbye to others again. There is no superfluous words. The moon is a witness and we use slightly drunk eyes to say what we want to say.

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